September 22, 2012

Sales Quote & Invoice Module Rolled Out

Avro Strategies rolled out its latest offering September 17, 2012 to one of their largest clients. The roll out has allowed the Avro Resource Planner to provide a complete solution and truly be called a Enterprise resource planning (ERP) package.

The client is ecstatic!! Their sales team loves the client relations functions, the ability to quote a particular aircraft and have that quote become an actual flight and then invoiced, “complete end-to-end functionality”. The management team has even more critical information available to make the best decision in a cost effective manner.

Drop us a line and find out what Avro’s Resource Planner can do for you.

In Other News

September 22, 2015

Avro Releases Two New Safety Modules for Clients

Avro has moved their safety management package to the next level to meet the rigorous standards set out by regulators. Avro released their Corrective Action Plan  and Root Cause Analysis module, allowing interaction between incident reports and th

August 17, 2015

BIntelligent - Avro's New Data Mining & Analytics Product

Avro launches new tool set - BIntelligent, a data mining & analytics product for visualization of your data. Avro realized the importance of not just standard reports but critical analysis and mining of data. Words like "Big Data" seem the nor

April 6, 2015

Corrective Action Plan Update

Avro Strategies is building out it Safety management system through major enhancement to both Corrective Action Plan module & Root Cause Analysis. The changes and upgrades will provide existing clients an ability to reduce the effort and time wor

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