Expertise From The Ground Up

Avro Strategies is a strategic software development and consulting company with extensive depth and expertise. Avro was born from a need to develop cost effective, high value web based software in the aviation industry. This industry focuses its capital on aircraft and resources to utilize those aircraft and because of the regulated nature had limited technology. We changed all that – just have a look at our Products. The results speak for themselves.

Our primary focus has been squarely on the Aviation industry. The founding team has literally decades of aviation experience and all continue to run very successful business ventures in the global aviation market while remaining well vested with Avro.

Avro’s people, all industry experts, bring years of knowledge, web based software development experience and regulatory background. The Avro development team is literally the best available. Avro’s people are highly motivated and exceptionally skilled – learning about the unique challenges of many business owners and turning those challenges into successful web based applications providing timely and meaningful results to the business. That is what we do!

Avro’s clients are driven to safe, reliable and cost effective tactics; and the forefront in achieving those are: executable strategies and smart business decisions aided through analytics. Avro has substantial expertise in Cloud Computing and Analytics, just a few of the many core competencies Avro provides with our software development initiatives. Our clients achieve success with the right information, when its needed.

Our focus is on sound strategies, effective process to implement those strategies and finally, technology to enable and reduce cost and overhead.

Avro continues to grow and our expertize in web based application development and web design utilizing Agile methodologies allow our clients to see results immediately and a price that doesn’t have them in grounded. And because we cut our teeth in a regulated industry where safety is paramount, Avro has expanded into a number of other businesses. Avro is able to build custom web based applications that are not only cost effective; they deliver business value and allow leaders to make intelligent decisions based on the information collected.

Avro offers business intelligence and data mining consulting. Are you looking to better understand a part of your business or gather insight into some existing data – Avro can help turn data into information and knowledge. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Avro has developed a leading edge web based Resource Planning System (ERP) from the ground up using some of the best technology available along with an exceptional project and development team.

In Other News

September 22, 2015

Avro Releases Two New Safety Modules for Clients

Avro has moved their safety management package to the next level to meet the rigorous standards set out by regulators. Avro released their Corrective Action Plan  and Root Cause Analysis module, allowing interaction between incident reports and th

August 17, 2015

BIntelligent - Avro's New Data Mining & Analytics Product

Avro launches new tool set - BIntelligent, a data mining & analytics product for visualization of your data. Avro realized the importance of not just standard reports but critical analysis and mining of data. Words like "Big Data" seem the nor

April 6, 2015

Corrective Action Plan Update

Avro Strategies is building out it Safety management system through major enhancement to both Corrective Action Plan module & Root Cause Analysis. The changes and upgrades will provide existing clients an ability to reduce the effort and time wor

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